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RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

The unrivaled global bibliography of writings on music, serving the global music research community

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What is RILM Abstracts of Music Literature?

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature is a comprehensive bibliography of writings about music, featuring bibliographic citations, abstracts, and indexing. It covers publications in all document types from around the world on traditional music, popular music, jazz, classical music, and related subjects.

Available with Full Text

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text expands and enhances the unrivaled global bibliography of writings on music with content from nearly 250 key periodicals published from the early 20th century to the present. It offers articles and reviews as well as obituaries, editorials, correspondence, advertisements, and news in full text, which can be searched and browsed for each issue, cover to cover. Each year new journals are being added to the full-text collection.


RILM Abstracts offers an interdisciplinary context for music studies, and therefore actively tracks publications in a wide range of disciplines that includes anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, dance studies, dramatic arts, librarianship, literature, pedagogy, philosophy, physics, psychology, sociology, and therapy.

Languages and Countries

RILM Abstracts covers all types of publications on music, published anywhere in the world and in any language. Records include titles in the original language and English translation, bibliographic information, and abstracts in English and, when available, the language of publication. Records for publications issued in languages using non-roman writing systems (such as Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, and Hebrew) are represented bilingually. The full-text content stems from over 40 countries. Publications represented in RILM Abstracts are compiled through a collaborative effort between the International Center, RILM’s national committees, and authors who are welcome to submit bibliographic information and abstracts of their publications.

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Mélophone, about 1845, Paris, France. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Credits

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Full-Text Journals

Download a list of music full-text and non-full text journals included in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text.


RILM Abstracts  covers all types of publications, published anywhere in the world and in any language. These guidelines describe the types of source documents appropriate for inclusion in RILM Abstracts.

The wide range of music-related topics covered in RILM Abstracts is reflected in the list of some 2000 music journals represented in the database in addition to about 11,000 journals from other disciplines and fields.


The document types covered by RILM Abstracts include all print and digital media. Documents are also grouped under a wide range of document types.

Browse the comprehensive Classification System which groups 99 classes under 16 super classes.

International Center

The RILM International Center in New York City is the organizational hub for the largest music bibliography in the world. Among its principal assets is a staff of experts representing a range of disciplines, languages, and geographic regions. The staff of over 40 includes music specialists from Austria, Brazil, China, Croatia, England, Germany, Honduras, Korea, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United States, eleven of whom hold doctorate degrees. Several staff members are multilingual, and many are engaged in a spectrum of musical activities.


RILM welcomes submissions by everybody interested in contributing to RILM Abstracts.